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The EV World NZ public expo boasted thousands of visitors over the weekend teeming to experience New Zealand’s third EV Showcase of the future of transport. Our very own LDV Team were present to help educate about New Zealand’s number one fully electric Van, and multipurpose Cab Chassis vehicle the EV80.

The 2019 EV World Expo explored a focused fleet electrical stream, the EV conference showed fleet managers, and sustainability managers high level discussion and insightful studies into the business case of EV Adoption. With an ever-evolving charging infrastructure, our EV80 was the topic of much discussion onto the possibilities of a sustainable Commercial Business system. 

With the recent introduction of the proposed Rebate by the New Zealand Government, LDV New Zealand decided rather than wait to be put in place, to reward businesses looking to improve their carbon emissions by providing the EV80 for a discounted limited time offer of $49,990 +gst and orc which was debuted at the EV Show. LDV fleet sales manager Andrew Bayliss felt this was a much-needed price adjustment, with the help of the Chinese manufacturer, to push the LDV brand ahead and make the Van accessible to all businesses looking for a greener fleet option. 

It’s apparent from the participation from not just LDV, but other commercial vendors how the Electric Vehicle movement is being accepted into every day kiwi culture. With the 2019 EV World show including Electric Heavy vehicles, and companies such as DHL, Go Bus, Meridian Energy and even BUPA using our LDV Electric Vehicles we’re also seeing a vast change in the commercial EV space. 

Being the only van in its size as an EV the LDV EV80 has a point of difference on the New Zealand market. If you are EV Curious or missed out on a chance to see our very own EV80 check out our website for more details.

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